Augmenting Personal Creativity with Artificial Intelligence is a workshop running at the ACM Creativity & Cognition conference on 20th June 2022, with a free online primer focused on AI tools for creativity running prior to the workshop on 6th May 2022.

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Our workshop aims to explore the emerging, experimental and practical ways that creative practitioners from art, design and craft disciplines can enhance their own processes by engaging with AI tools and systems.  

Our intention is to ground the research in existing personal approaches to the creative process, rather than being lead by the abilities of the technology. We want to document uses of AI which augment and enhance human creativity, rather than simulate or supplant it. 

Through the workshop, we aim to discuss original, playful, and improvisational uses, or misuses, of AI systems within creative practice. How can AI be used creatively in order to support creativity?

As a starting point, we have identified three potential areas in which AI could augment or enhance personal creativity:

Collaboration – approaches which position AI systems as active collaborators in the creative process – making creative contributions, suggesting new directions, taking on particular tasks within the work.

Serendipity – approaches which exploit unexpected or chaotic outcomes from AI systems in order to enhance originality and novelty. This builds on a long tradition of using systems of chance, or aleatorism, within artistic practice.

Creative-reflection – approaches which help practitioners better understand aspects of their own creative process through the use of AI systems – particularly the disciplines required in training Machine Learning models.

Who is the workshop for?

We are seeking to engage practitioners from a wide variety of creative disciplines including art, design, and craft practices. We would like to discuss and document the personal experiences of people incorporating AI into their work, no matter what form their creative outcomes take, or what technical knowledge they have.

Broadly, we are inviting participation from the following:

Researchers working on methods of creativity support and collaboration using AI

Creative practitioners currently using AI within their work

Creative practitioners who are interested in using AI within their work, but who have not had the opportunity to try the technology

We are particularly interested to receive contributions from participants in this last category. For this reason we will be offering a free online primer in entry level AI tools for those interested in applying for the workshop, providing them to opportunity to experiment with the technology before they make their submission. 

Key Dates

6th May 2022 Pre-workshop online primer
15th May 2022 Submission deadline for participants
Although the initial submission period has passed, if you are interested in taking part in the workshop please email us (
20th June 2022 Workshop

For more information about the content of workshop and online primer, please check out the Workshop section.

For more information about how to take part in the workshop, or the free online primer, please see the Participate section.