The conference workshop on 20th June 2022 in Venice, Italy, will be preceded by a free online primer, available to all, and aimed at creative practitioners from all backgrounds who haven’t previously worked with AI tools.

The online primer will introduce participants to some code-free and beginner-level AI tools, and strategies for how to use them to augment creative processes. The software will include Runway ML, and VQGAN+CLIP.

The online primer will take place prior to the final application date for the workshop, giving potential participants a chance to experiment with AI tools before making their submission.

During the conference workshop, participants will have a chance to present their work, and engage in discussion activities based around our initial three themes for augmented creativity – AI Collaboration, Serendipity, and Creative Reflection.

This is the indicative schedule (final schedule to be confirmed):

09.30 – Welcome talk
10.00 – Pecha kucha style presentation of participant work
11.30 – Coffee break
12.00 – Serendipity – Using chance games to explore creative connections between participant work

13.00 – Lunch

14.00 – Collaboration – Activity work in small groups, identifying key questions, references and themes.
15.15 – Coffee break
15.30 – Creative Reflection – Applying workshop themes back to individual practice and establishing next steps.

16.00 – Closing remarks